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Park Do-yeong

full namePark Do-yeong
nationalitySouth Korea (KOR)
local spelling박 도영
born January 1993in Seoul (South Korea)

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World Cup - Top 10 positions

1500 meters0000018
3000 meters0000024
5000 meters000006
Mass start001228
total individual0012256
Team pursuit0107716

World Cup - All results

2008-09B107 Nov 20081500 metersBerlinGER
B48 Nov 20083000 metersBerlinGER
49 Nov 2008Team pursuitBerlinGER
A1814 Nov 20083000 metersHeerenveenNED
B1315 Nov 20081500 metersHeerenveenNED
516 Nov 2008Team pursuitHeerenveenNED
B722 Nov 20085000 metersMoscowRUS
B1523 Nov 20081500 metersMoscowRUS
2009-10A226 Nov 20093000 metersBerlinGER
B178 Nov 20091500 metersBerlinGER
B313 Nov 20093000 metersHeerenveenNED
B2514 Nov 20091500 metersHeerenveenNED
715 Nov 2009Team pursuitHeerenveenNED
B144 Dec 20093000 metersCalgaryCAN
B255 Dec 20091500 metersCalgaryCAN
56 Dec 2009Team pursuitCalgaryCAN
B1011 Dec 20093000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
B1612 Dec 20091500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
613 Dec 2009Team pursuitSalt Lake CityUSA
2010-11A2013 Nov 20103000 metersHeerenveenNED
B1314 Nov 20101500 metersHeerenveenNED
B1519 Nov 20101500 metersBerlinGER
B1120 Nov 20103000 metersBerlinGER
421 Nov 2010Team pursuitBerlinGER
2012-13B316 Nov 20123000 metersHeerenveenNED
B1017 Nov 20121500 metersHeerenveenNED
617 Nov 2012Mass startHeerenveenNED
518 Nov 2012Team pursuitHeerenveenNED
B1524 Nov 20121500 metersKolomnaRUS
A524 Nov 2012Mass startKolomnaRUS
A1625 Nov 20123000 metersKolomnaRUS
B161 Dec 20125000 metersAstanaKAZ
B112 Dec 20121500 metersAstanaKAZ
2 2 Dec 2012Team pursuitAstanaKAZ
B149 Feb 20131500 metersInzellGER
A109 Feb 2013Mass startInzellGER
B1310 Feb 20133000 metersInzellGER
B81 Mar 20135000 metersErfurtGER
B42 Mar 20131500 metersErfurtGER
93 Mar 2013Team pursuitErfurtGER
A1310 Mar 2013Mass startHeerenveenNED
2013-14B208 Nov 20133000 metersCalgaryCAN
B2015 Nov 20133000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
717 Nov 2013Team pursuitSalt Lake CityUSA
B2029 Nov 20135000 metersAstanaKAZ
B186 Dec 20133000 metersBerlinGER
2015-16B1013 Nov 20153000 metersCalgaryCAN
514 Nov 2015Team pursuitCalgaryCAN
B1615 Nov 20151500 metersCalgaryCAN
A715 Nov 2015Mass startCalgaryCAN
B1720 Nov 20155000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
B2021 Nov 20151500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
B222 Nov 2015Mass startSalt Lake CityUSA
B144 Dec 20153000 metersInzellGER
75 Dec 2015Team pursuitInzellGER
B186 Dec 20151500 metersInzellGER
A3 6 Dec 2015Mass startInzellGER
B1611 Dec 20153000 metersHeerenveenNED
B2013 Dec 20151500 metersHeerenveenNED
A1213 Dec 2015Mass startHeerenveenNED
2018-19716 Nov 2018Team pursuitObihiroJPN
B2218 Nov 20183000 metersObihiroJPN
723 Nov 2018Team pursuitTomakomaiJPN
B925 Nov 20183000 metersTomakomaiJPN
B169 Dec 20185000 metersTomaszów MazowieckiPOL
B1716 Dec 20183000 metersHeerenveenNED
B201 Feb 20193000 metersHamarNOR
2019-20B2514 Nov 20193000 metersMinskBLR
B2322 Nov 20193000 metersTomaszów MazowieckiPOL
DNF23 Nov 2019Team pursuitTomaszów MazowieckiPOL
98 Dec 2019Team pursuitNur-SultanKAZ
B2114 Dec 20193000 metersNaganoJPN