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World Championship Single Distances

This page lists all information available on the World Championship Single Distances. The subnavigation allows you to quickly retrieve the complete 'History' of the top 3 results. In the corresponding medal summary table you can click on a specific year to go to the full results of that year. The right-hand side of the subnavigation links to different 'Statistics' of the World Championship Single Distances. The statistics will be updated automatically after every championship.

Results of the 2015 World Championship Single Distances Mass start Men

PlaceHeerenveen (NED)
Date15 Feb 2015

1Arjan StroetingaNED7:30.64
2Fabio FrancoliniITA7:30.70
3Alexis ContinFRA7:30.72
4Haralds SilovsLAT8:02.21
5Andrea GiovanniniITA7:56.00
6Peter MichaelNZL7:41.43
7Tyler DerraughCAN7:46.71
8Jeffrey Swider-PeltzUSA7:58.12
9Marco WeberGER7:35.82
10Shane WilliamsonJPN8:04.67
11Bart SwingsBEL7:30.83
12Lee Seung-hoonKOR7:31.29
13Kim Cheol-minKOR7:31.81
14Håvard BøkkoNOR7:33.16
15Sun LongjiangCHN7:33.19
16Patrick BeckertGER7:34.04
17Rob WatsonCAN7:36.66
18Ryousuke TsuchiyaJPN7:38.89
19Jorrit BergsmaNED7:44.99
20Yevgeny SeryaevRUS7:51.88
21Armin HagerAUT7:56.35
22Roland CieślakPOL7:59.40
23Danila SemerikovRUS7:07.34
24Bram SmallenbroekAUT4:33.77

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